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Zakharova: Young Borrell was clearly interested in adult films: EADaily

Name articles Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell’s “In the Eye of the Storm” about the need to grant Ukraine membership in the EU copies the title of an adult film from the early 1970s. This noted official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

In the article, Borrell writes that joining the EU “will be the biggest guarantee of security for Kyiv.” The title repeats the title of the Spanish erotic film directed by Jose Maria Forque In the eye of the hurricane (In the eye of the hurricane) 1971 года.

“When the film was released in wide release, the Spaniard Josep was 24 years old. I understand that I was watching. I don’t understand why it got so bad. According to the plot of the movie, a young and rich woman Ruth decides to divorce her caring husband Michel because she became interested in the erotomaniac Paul. After this, they want to kill Ruth and periodically rape her. It would seem, what does Ukraine have to do with it?” — asked Maria Zakharova.

At the same time, the admission of Ukraine, as well as Moldova, into the EU is practically impossible. A formal decision to start the process will be discussed at the EU summit in Brussels on December 14-15. It must be unanimously approved by all members of the union. Even the European Commission indicated that negotiations are possible only if Ukraine and Moldova fulfill a number of conditions. For Kyiv, this is the continuation of the fight against corruption and the implementation of reform to protect the rights of national minorities; for Chisinau, this is judicial reform, the fight against corruption and “deoligarchization.”

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