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Yutz. The Community Hotel and the Thi’Pi in the former premises of the CCI?

The Moselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry has left the premises of the Cormontaigne zone in Yutz, which it had occupied since 2007. Only a few companies housed in situ are still there pending relocation.

A decision which follows a deep restructuring of the consular chamber, after all “harmful for our territory” according to Brigitte Vaïsse, member of the Thionville opposition present at the last meeting of the community council.

However, the CCI, bound by an emphyteutic lease concluded until 2037, informed the Portes de France-Thionville agglomeration community (CAPFT) of its intention to free itself from this building which belongs to the Mecanica association. . “For us, it was the opportunity to bring together the Community Hotel and the Thi’Pi digital hub in the same place on condition of owning it”, explains Jean-Charles Louis, Vice-President in charge of Economic Development. and Development of business areas.

Work for 4 to 5 million euros

This takeover would allow the CAPFT to achieve substantial operating savings (280,000 euros in annual rent, amount currently paid for the rental of the Vauban building, editor’s note). In addition, it would offer Thi’Pi a long-lasting accommodation solution, knowing that today the digital hub founded in 1999 occupies a suspended building, route de Manom ​​in Thionville, destined to be demolished as part of the ZAC Rive gauche.

A feasibility and opportunity study has already been carried out by an architect. “The cost of constructing a new room at the back of the existing building to house the Thi’Pi is estimated between 4 and 5 million euros, minus the savings made on rents, this would amount to financing a little more than 3.7 million euros through a loan, ”continues the vice-president of CAPFT.

Negotiations have been initiated in this regard with Mecanica and the CCI and could result in compensation for the latter up to the amount of rents and works still to be amortized, i.e. 770,000 euros as of 1is January 2021. The building estimated by France Domaine at 1.8 million euros would, for its part, be abandoned free of charge.

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