YouTube-dl has been removed from GitHub under the DMCA

The YouTube-dl project repository was removed from GitHub. It happened on the basis of at the request of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.), which invoked the DMCA. The application states that the source code is directly intended to circumvent the protection of streaming services such as YouTube.

The clear purpose of this source code is to (i) circumvent the technological protection measures used by authorized streaming services such as YouTube, and (ii) reproduce and distribute music videos and sound recordings owned by our member companies without authorization for such use.

The request argues that the code can be misused to download and subsequently distribute copyrighted works. In addition, the code includes examples that download specific protected works. The request was granted, and both the main repository and a number of copies of it disappeared from GitHub.

The links also broke the links to project websiteso script youtube-dl cannot be downloaded at this time. The software can still be installed using pip or get its source codes for example in Debian repositories or on GitLabu.

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