You won’t believe what Cigániková pulled on Blahu: A touch of nostalgia in VIDEO, long hair and metal versus Eurovision winners!

The winner of the song competition Eurovision 2022 this year was the Ukrainian hip-hop group Kalush Orchestra with the song “Stefania”. The five-member formation defeated another 24 contestants in the finals of this largest music event of its kind in the world. The decisive factor was the votes of the audience, who expressed support for Ukraine during the Russian occupation. The Kalush Orchestra combines folk motifs with modern sounds in its work, using various folk instruments. The group is named after the western Ukrainian city of Kalush.

Blah’s style and the way the group won Eurovision do not smell

Blaha makes no secret of her controversial status on the social network, where she is usually critical of the government and other officials. He didn’t miss Eurovision either. “Ukraine has won Eurovision. Who else. Listen to the winning song on purpose – you will understand how politicized, fake and protective the West is today. It makes your head shake.” wrote a member of the Smer.

Ukraine has won Eurovision. Who else. Deliberately listen to the winning song – you will understand how politicized, fake and …

Posted by Ľuboš Blaha on Sunday, May 15, 2022

The gypsy enjoyed it

After hard words, Cigániková prepared revenge on him, which contrasted the style of the Eurovision winners with Blah’s metal past. “Ľuboš Blaha called the winning song from Eurovision a repellent with a gossip lyrics. Please see what band he played in himself,” says Cigániková and then an older video appears, where the still long-haired Blaha appears behind the keys behind the tones of hard, even metal music.

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It is worth considering whether it is possible to compare different musical styles from different time periods, between which a good 20 years have passed, but we leave this decision to you – our readers. 🙂

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