“You won 50000 thousand pounds” .. Al-Ahly Bank’s triple certificate breaks all barriers, your money will be multiplied

Al-Ahly Bank’s triple certificate Many citizens and customers are still looking for the savings certificate provided by the Egyptian banks in agreement with the Central Bank of Egypt on the interest rate that is set in relation to the number of years offered, and many have obtained large profits from the return that returns to them after placing an amount of money in the investment certificate According to their choice, we are working on nominating the best testimonials to our valued visitors so that you can get a good benefit in relation to the number of years you spend.

Al-Ahly Bank’s triple certificate

We will explain to you the advantages of the National Bank of Egypt’s triple certificate with a return of 10%, which the National Bank of Egypt presented to customers several years ago, and it obtained a good purchase percentage as a result of the percentage placed in it; Where the customer can start buying it from the price of 500 Egyptian pounds with multiples of this number in addition to the fact that it expires after only three years, in addition to the periodicity of the exchange where the interests are sent in a quarterly manner.

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Certificate of the National Bank of Egypt 10%

  • Of course, he urges all Egyptians to buy them, whether old or young, and foreigners are allowed to buy them.
  • The loan that the customer wishes to contract can only make this certificate as his guarantor.
  • There is no need to go to the bank after the certificate period expires, in case you want to continue to obtain financial returns.
  • It is possible to exchange from any area in Egypt, whether a branch or a fast ATM machine.
  • The interest rate is up to 10% when purchasing a certificate from the National Bank of Egypt.
  • It is enough for the buyer to put 500,000 pounds in order to enjoy an interest of 50 thousand pounds for a period of three years.
  • The amount is only deposited every three months on a credit card.

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