You determine the Community Days in September & October

In Pokémon GO you can currently decide which Pokémon should be the focus of the Community Days in September and October. There is a choice of four monsters from the first generation.

What’s that choice? You will have a major say in the next two Community Days in June and July 2020. You decide which Pokémon should be the focus. The candidates are:

  • Glumanda
  • Raupy
  • Sleima
  • Porygon

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When does the election start and how do you participate on Twitter?

When does it start? There is currently no exact date when the voting will begin. As Niantic announced on Twitter, exact details should follow soon. We will update the post accordingly.

The last time the voting was active for 24 hours. So you should find enough time to take part.

How do you vote? To vote for the Community Days for September 2020 and October 2020, you need Twitter. As soon as the vote has started on the official channel, you can participate. You have a voice.

  • The Pokémon that got the most votes will be in the spotlight at Community Day in September 2020
  • The Pokémon with the second most votes will be in the spotlight at Community Day in October 2020

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Why is the voting so interesting? At the In the last vote in May, the attack also played a role in choosing the Pokémon. Each Pokémon learned a special attack at the highest level of development, which was already determined in advance.

That made the old monsters more interesting again.

Which Pokémon is the favorite? On Twitter, many players hyped Porygon. The Pokémon is the rarest of all and many are missing a shiny version in their collection.

Shiny Porygon.

What bonuses are there during the events? Niantic has not yet announced which bonuses will be active at these events in September and October. These will then be published when the respective Community Day is officially announced.

But it’s still a while before the events. First of all, you have to do all the tasks in August. We have summarized the most important field research that is particularly worthwhile for you here.

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