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you can’t look at his bald patches without tears

Fans can’t hide their disappointment.

Joaquin Phoenix became famous for dozens of prominent roles in major Hollywood films. At the same time, the actor won the hearts of fans not only with his talent, but also with his beauty: fans showered the celebrity with declarations of love, and he himself often found himself in the charts of the more attractive men. However, to netizens’ surprise, over the years Phoenix has begun to lose its beauty and appeal to him.

As noted by numerous fans, the artist recently suffered from hair problems. The images of the events show very deep bald spots, due to which the artist looks much older than him years of him. Some also note his problems with being overweight.

Phoenix himself does not comment on unexpected changes in appearance, but only focuses on them. For example, not so long ago he appeared in one of the film festivals with a very strange hairstyle: the artist shaved all his hair on top, but left the ones that grow on his temples. In this form, the celebrity posed for photographers, surprising the audience with a transformation.

Netizens have not ignored the change in the artist’s appearance. They noticed how shocked they were by the actor’s new look, because before him he always took care of himself and did not indulge in such controversial experiments with hair.

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