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Valve recently released an annual update for the first part of the Half-Life series, which brought a number of interesting novelties and improvements. The game was also available for free on Steam for several days. The release of the aforementioned update was decided to be used by a translator with the nickname Starsoul, who within a short period of time created an unofficial Czech localization for the game in the form of subtitles.

“Everyone probably knows this icon of the gaming industry, but no one has played it in Czech yet, except for the translated menu and internal informational subtitles in the game. The developers somehow did not put the subtitles into the game, so this deficiency has to be solved with a modem. In it, the texts are launched at the same time as individual passages of dubbing in the game, so this is a rather elegant solution.
In this latest version, unfortunately, even this mod made horses, so I improvised a bit. I translated the menu and internal subtitles again, and as for the subtitle part, it is unfortunately the only one without diacritics. Hopefully, in time, I will fix this unpleasant matter.” introduces the author to the newly published Czech, which you you can download for free on the website Below in the gallery you will find some images from the translated version.

2023-11-28 11:00:50
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