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You can be sentenced to death for this kind of conduct

In Saudi Arabia, if you injure or kill someone by doing this kind of thing behind the wheel of your car, you can be sentenced to death.

The practice has been known for several decades in Saudi Arabia. The “hagwalah” refers to this way of throwing one’s car while sliding at high speed, often on sections of highways. Popularized in the late 2000s, it often gathered many spectators who witnessed the attempts of drivers. And sometimes it went very wrong : not only do the perpetrators often do not wear their seat belts in the car, which leads to very serious injuries in accidents, but the hagwalah has also led to the death of people outside of this kind of rodeo.

That is why the state of Saudi Arabia has gone so far as to condemn to death some followers of these open road games. In this context, the video below perfectly illustrates a practice that causes obvious safety problems on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

A family sedan, often

As is often the case, it is a banal white family sedan that ends up here slaloming at high speed while sliding on a highway. The car passes by a truck and skims the concrete of the central parking lot. Fortunately, there was no accident that time.

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