Yolanthe Cabau makes five-year-old son sweat a lot in the gym

In the videos we see how Yolanthe has taken her child to the gym and how he is hung on pull ropes. When he stops after the fourth acceleration, his mother shouts that he has to go again. ‘Again? Five must be possible, ‘says Yolanthe. Xess hangs on the ropes again and then he succeeds for the fifth time.

Her little son recently turned five years old. “It will always be you,” Yolanthe wrote on Instagram. “Happy fifth birthday, dearest boy in the world. Mama loves you to the moon and back to infinity. For always and ever.’ Fortunately for the presenter, she now has more time with her son, since she has had an intensive period. She was busy shooting a new film and RTL Boulevard spoke to her.

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