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Yellen’s Concerns Over China’s Export Control and the Future of US-China Relations

July 07, 2023 18:56 Last Updated: 19:07

Yellen expressed concern about China’s export control of gallium and germanium, two key semiconductor materials. Yes, the United States needs to be worried. The days when it is about harming China’s interests without paying a price are over; we have heard the so-called dovish US Secretary of the Treasury say that besides worrying, we also heard that the hawkish Raimondo once again expressed his concern to China after China sanctioned Micron. Say “resolutely oppose” – what’s the matter, isn’t firmly opposed to a registered word in China?

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China’s restrictions are not a bad thing. Yellen said: “This reminds us of the importance of building a flexible and diversified supply chain.” The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States plans to introduce a ban on related technologies to China, but during Yellen’s visit to Beijing Will build bridges with China on “common global challenges”. Colvin, president of the Foreign Trade Association of the United States, believes that the visit may help the two sides establish a “new normal” and establish the foundation in bilateral relations.

If there is no misunderstanding, the United States continues to expand sanctions against China, and at the same time announced in advance that “the tariff measures imposed by the previous Trump administration and the export controls introduced under the Biden administration will not be cancelled”, and then the interests and power are unequal and unfair Under the current situation, “build” a “bridge” to communicate with China, and explain that it will become the “new normal”. ——The United States made fun of China, and Yellen came to China to have fun.

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, who has been tough on China, is not happy. He declared that he “resolutely opposes” China’s export restrictions on gallium and germanium, and will cooperate with allies to negotiate and resolve related issues. Will the US take subsequent fierce retaliation against China? I said, is there any more unique tailoring card in the United States and the West? Call again, I am afraid that even the flashlight made in China will be blacked out, smile!

I have to praise China’s strategic determination. In the past, China blindly said “resolutely opposed” to the United States. However, China has long had accurate predictions for the future direction of Sino-US relations. “China Daily” Wei Jianguo, former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce An exclusive interview was conducted and some key information was disclosed.

Wei Jianguo pointed out that China’s relevant measures were launched after careful consideration, which will not only make some countries panic, but also hurt some countries. Wei Jianguo pointed out that China still has many countermeasures. This is just the beginning. If the restrictive measures against China escalate, China’s countermeasures will also escalate. Any attempt to use hegemony to engage in “decoupling and breaking the chain” is nothing more than lifting a stone. own feet. Wei Jianguo seems to be implying that besides gallium and germanium, China has more trump cards.

The United States has let the dovish Yellen play here, intending to smooth things over for its own embarrassment. Officials from the U.S. Treasury Department have publicly stated that the U.S. does not expect a breakthrough from Yellen’s visit, and only hopes to have a candid and productive dialogue with China to pave the way for future negotiations. Yellen’s trip has an even more impossible task: “convincing Beijing officials that U.S. actions, such as tightening export restrictions on high-end semiconductors, are to maintain national security, not to try to contain China’s economic rise.”

What if China says that restrictions on exports, gallium, germanium, all rare earths, lithium, etc., are for the purpose of safeguarding our national security and world peace, not against the containment of the United States and the West? To put it bluntly, China can have the strength to “solicit speculation” on global technological progress, but we can’t make high-end chips, and the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the Netherlands will stop pedestrians.

what to do? Come on everyone, let’s see if we have independently developed a chip lithography machine suitable for 7nm and below when you are able to replace the supply of gallium, germanium and rare earth! Do you want to see, which one to buy? I don’t want to buy the United States. It’s about “resolute opposition” and I can say it. The United States is not “confusing”.

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