Xu Qiaoxin, who participated in the primary election of the Legislative Council, said that “Gods block and kill Gods, and Buddhas block and kill Buddhas”

The 2024 Legislative Election Starts! Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin of the Kuomintang announced today (2/1) that he will participate in the party’s Xinyi and Nansongshan constituency’s primary elections for the legislators. Fei Hongtai, the senior current legislator of the five consecutive hegemony.

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KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin: “I will definitely not be a Buddhist legislator, but a legislator who blocks and kills gods and Buddhas. I want the people to see the blood flow and find out the case.”

Announcing his participation in the party’s Xinyi and Nansongshan constituency’s primary elections for the legislators, Xu Qiaoxin, the queen of the Kuomintang’s air battles, this time wants to turn blood into rivers from the enemy to his own.

KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin: “(Fei Hung-tai) told me 4 years ago that this may be his last term and then told me that he might consider handing over to me in the future. It seems that this promise is, There is no way to proceed.”

Inside the muzzle, Xu Qiaoxin revealed the secret, but Fei Hongtai Liyuan was called out, but the comrades next door rushed to act as a firewall.

Zeng Mingzong, chief summoner of the Kuomintang League: “Don’t target individual members. I am the party group and the executive director of the Kuomintang. Let me answer this question.”

Hong Mengkai, chairman of the Kuomintang Cultural Association: “The palms of the hands and the backs of the hands are full of flesh. We are all in the same boat, so we are moving towards the same goal together.”

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Figure / TVBS

Figure / TVBS

Asked again, and finally gave the answer.

KMT Legislator Fei Hongtai: “We must unite and work together for good.”

The seniors are still thinking about the schedule of the primary election, but Xu Qiaoxin has already made preparations, not only the political opinions have been released, but also the small items of the campaign have been “saved”.

KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin: “Thank you, thank you.”

It was also found that he was preparing for the mayor of Taoyuan. The former Taipei City Councilor Luo Zhiqiang had a candidate for the Daan Legislative Committee written on his campaign vest.

Figure / TVBS

Figure / TVBS

Former Taipei City Councilor Luo Zhiqiang: “The (household registration) has been moved out hahaha. When I announce to tell everyone (when is the auspicious time), I will announce it in mid-February.”

After the nine-in-one general election, several by-elections have been won one after another, and the younger generation is also rushing to play with the wind and calling out the change of generations, but the opponents they want to challenge are all green camp generals.

KMT Taipei City Councilor Zhang Sigang: “Young and strong generations should indeed gather together, and then come to improve our congressional combat power.”

KMT Taipei City Councilor You Shuhui: “The primary election system is just a selection (method) within the party. We don’t need to treat it as a scourge or a taboo topic.”

Facing 2024, not only the president has to win, but more than half of the blue battalion candidates will play in the blue-green fight for Congress. We will wait for the head coach’s election rules to be released.

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