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Xiaomi Mi 11 5G could give Xiaomi Mi Watch with the launch promo

Officially announced globally on February 8, Xiaomi Mi 11 5G continues to be talked about in view of the launch on various markets, including the Italian one: the latest indiscretion to emerge speaks of one promotion definitely greedy welcome.

Xiaomi Mi Watch in regalo con Xiaomi Mi 11 5G?

As we told you during presentation, the new top of the range of the Chinese house will be available for purchase in our country starting from the first days of March 2021.

Although a precise date is missing at the moment, the latest rumors would like Xiaomi intending to include in the package a nice gift in the hope of better digesting the rather salty smartphone prices.

As we know, in fact, Xiaomi Mi 11 5G will be available for purchase in the colors Horizon Blue and Midnight Gray (later the Cloud White and Lei Jun Limited Edition will arrive), at the price of 799,90 euro for version 8-128 GB ea 899,90 euro for the 8-256 GB version.

As far as prices are in line with the market (we are still talking about the first model with Mobile Platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 888) and even cheaper than those of competitors of the same range, Xiaomi users are not used to reading such figures.

Also for this reason, for those who will buy a Xiaomi Mi 11 5G from 8 to 21 March a smartwatch could be provided as a gift Xiaomi Mi Watch (here she is our review), with a commercial value of 129.99 euros.

At present the operating mechanism of this promotion is not well known, but most likely, in order to receive the gift, eligible buyers will have to register their purchase on a dedicated platform within a set deadline, we are talking about April 4th. 2021.

Such a gift would make you consider a purchase of Xiaomi Mi 11 5G al day one? Let us know in the comments.

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