Wuling Air Ev Battery Burned to Soak, Safe Not Exploding and Electrocuting


Batteries are an important component of electric cars. Wuling Motors reveals the toughness of the battery used in electric cars Wuling Air ev.

Wuling Air ev carries a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. The battery has passed 16 endurance test models in various conditions and situations. The tests included drop tests, repeated rotations, fires, water immersion, impacts, and vibrations.

Wuling tested the battery’s resistance to impact with the drop test method from a height of one meter. Then a crash test with an acceleration of up to 28G from one point to another and also a flip test with repeated rotations like in an overturned car condition. Wuling claims that the Air ev battery pack has successfully passed these various tests in good and intact condition and is still functioning normally.



The Air ev battery is also tested under another extreme condition, namely a fire situation. Wuling said that the battery burning process was carried out at high temperatures without an explosion or other damage.

Furthermore, the battery pack has also been subjected to an immersion in water test to obtain IP67 certification, without leakage to ensure safety in rainy or flood situations. Not only that, to protect the battery from uneven road conditions, the Air ev battery has passed the vibration test with a frequency of 24Hz for three days.

Danang Wiratmoko as Product Planning Wuling Motors explained that the test was to ensure battery safety and durability. Wuling claims the results are satisfactory.

“Safety aspects are certainly a priority in the development of electric vehicles, especially in battery components and high-voltage electrical systems. The Air ev battery has passed various tests with satisfactory results,” said Wuling Motors Product Planning, Danang Wiratmoko in his statement.

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