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Wubbo Ockels in the spotlight in SBS6 program Het Jaar Van

Anouk Hoogendijk, Rayen Panday and Jan de Hoop look in The Year Of… back to 1985. Wubbo Ockels then wrote history as the first Dutchman in space. During his mission he conducted more than seventy experiments.

The Year of… is all about 1985. Former footballer Anouk Hoogendijk, comedian Rayen Panday and former newsreader Jan de Hoop, among others, discuss the highs and lows.

Wubbo Ockels

Including Bruce Springsteen’s breakthrough, the cinema hit Back to the Future, and the bloody football riots in the Belgian Heysel Stadium are discussed. In addition, Wubbo Ockels wrote history by being the first Dutchman to go into space.

However, he was not the first astronaut born in the Netherlands. In that same year, a few months before Ockels, Lodewijk van den Berg traveled to the stars. Because this Zeelander was an American citizen at the time of his space mission, Ockels went down as the first Dutch astronaut.

When will The Year Of… be shown on television?

The Year Of… can be seen every Friday from 8:30 PM on SBS6. This episode follows on December 15.

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