Write a new high in history!Foreign capital “admitted mistakes and made up for it” in November with a net inflow of 350 billion yuan

Refresh a new high in history! The Financial Supervisory Commission announced on the 5th that the net inflow of foreign capital in November was US$11.257 billion, equivalent to approximately NT$350 billion. The Securities and Futures Bureau confirmed that it was the largest since records were kept in the 100 years of the Republic of China. The Taiwan stock market rebounded by 8% in November, which is surprising. Foreign investors also “admit their mistakes and cover their mistakes.” After the end of four consecutive months of net remittances, November turned to net inward remittances. Funds also came in fast and urgently, writing down a single month. new record.

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Write a new high in history! Foreign capital

Write a new high in history! Foreign capital “admitted mistakes and made up for it” in November with a net inflow of 350 billion yuan.File photo: Central News Agency (CNA)

The Financial Supervisory Commission released data on the net inflows and outflows of foreign capital in November today (5th). The net inflows in a single month were approximately US$11.257 billion. The cumulative net inflows of foreign capital in November this year were US$20.785 billion, which was also the second highest in history, second only to 2003. Net remittances in the first 11 months were US$22.413 billion.

According to the analysis of the Financial Supervisory Commission, it is mainly due to the continued decline of U.S. inflation, the softened attitude of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed), market expectations for an interest rate hike near the end, and the decline in U.S. 10-year Treasury bond yields, which has led to foreign funds turning to overbuy Taiwan stocks. .

In November, the New Taiwan dollar surged 3.71% against the US dollar, and foreign capital also turned from net outflows to net inflows for four consecutive months. Foreign capital has been remitted for four consecutive months since July. The cumulative net remittances in these four months have reached US$14.805 billion, equivalent to nearly NT$480 billion. However, in November alone, the net remittances were as high as US$11.257 billion, approximately NT$11.257 billion. NT$350 billion.

Gao Jingping, deputy director of the Securities and Futures Bureau, said that among the top three single-month records in the history of foreign capital net remittances, the first was US$11.257 billion last month (November); the second was US$9.216 billion in November last year, and the third was US$9.216 billion in November last year. The record is that in January this year (2012), foreign investment net inflows in a single month were US$7.554 billion.

Foreign investors “admitted their mistakes and covered up their mistakes”, and the capital flow back was urgent and fast, causing Taiwan stocks to write three surprises. In November, Taiwan stocks rose by more than 1,400 points, closing at a new closing high of 17,433.85 points, and foreign investors bought more than 240 billion in a single month. Yuan and above.

In terms of inventory, according to statistics from the Financial Supervisory Commission, as of the end of November, overseas foreign institutional investors, overseas Chinese and foreign natural persons had accumulated net remittances of approximately US$236.778 billion, of which overseas foreign institutional investors had accumulated net remittances of US$236.589 billion; overseas Chinese and The cumulative net remittances from foreign natural persons were US$189 million; the cumulative net remittances from Mainland China as of November 30, 2012 were approximately US$40 million.

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