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Wright calls Price a bully: “He must get a higher fine”

Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price didn’t give each other a good look their semi-final at the Darts World Cup. The cause was a few incidents at the start of the game.

The first mental tick was actually handed out before the game. Price said in an interview that he was going to win 6-0 against Wright. De Schot then won the first set and dropped it The iceman know fine.

“I gave him a little poke when I immediately won the first set. He didn’t like that ”, said the number seven on the placement list afterwards against RTL 7.

De Welshman took revenge a set later by cheering full in the face of Wright after a win. The iceman In the remainder of the game, however, played very little.

Price did not want to shake him afterwards, he agreed Snake bite obviously not. He is a bully. Just a big bully. He should receive a higher penalty. “

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