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Wouter van der Goes Rumored to Make a Switch to Talpa Radio: Options at Sky Radio, Radio 10, and Radio 538 Explained by Patrick Kicken

[BLOG] Grab your bib because another juicy rumor is reaching me! NPO Radio 2 DJ / Star / NPO 1 voice-over Wouter van der Goes is said to be considering a switch and has been spotted several times on De Bergweg in Hilversum. What’s there, a cheap tire center? No, the large building of De Mol Senior and Baantjer Junior: Talpa Radio. But what is that Van der Goes doing there? The fact is that he appears to have had discussions in the past together with his blood brother Frank van ‘t Hof, known through his wife Coco. At the time, that was on Radio Veronica for the morning, but that station is now located in a farm in Naarden. And you don’t go from the market leader R2 with 12% to Radio Vergane Glorie with 2%, do you? No, Wout is wiser than that. Let’s go through the options of what Wout van Oud can do at Talpa instead of Veronicaaaaa, where the show title Veronica GOES Amsterdam is already ready!

They still have three radio stations left at Firma de Mol. Sky Radio, Radio 538 and Radio 10. Let’s start with the first one: they have had to make do with three men and a horse’s head for years. Even the Sky studio was under discussion for a while, because that could also be done from a broomstick, right? So expanding staff on or for 101FM seems stiff to me. They’ve only had Mark Labrand as voiceover for a while. Unless it is about to collapse or is no longer allowed by Talpa radio boss Dave Minneboo, then Wouter van der Goes would be an excellent neutral voice for Sky and all related substations. His English is excellent, so he can still say Merry Chrismus. But Sky is the least logical option of the three for us Goes.

And Radio 10. They have been without a real program leader for a few years there and both Ekdom and Van Someren’s position are under pressure. Both are being hunted and Rob is in conflict with his channel over a bonus that doesn’t seem to be paid out. If Ekdom does leave for Veronica, Wout can spend the morning there with Frankyboy, which he has been doing for some time now when the NPO Radio 2 morning show is on holiday. Van der Goes is no stranger to playing boss, he previously did that at Qmusic in the early years. He can smash classics, cash in much more than with the public and he finally has that oh-so-desirable drive time slot that he doesn’t seem to get at 2. If Stenders finally lands at Radio 2 again this summer, Wout 10.0 can get his buddy Staverman for the afternoon. In terms of voice-over work, there is also plenty to do at Talpa TV.

But what I’m putting my balls on, insofar as I have them, is Radio 538. Dave Minneboo is resuscitating his favorite child and with the disappearance and, I hear, no return of Niek van der Bruggen, they have a deejay shortage there. They already had that, but now even more so. Of course Evers and that Slam! dude Martijn, but it doesn’t stop there. At 538 they also miss someone who can manage the day-to-day affairs, although I also hear that some chica from the offices is taking away some tasks at Minneboo. Wouter van der Goes is an ex-538 DJ from the early years of the station and will also feel that purple/green heart beating somewhere. Also nice: blasting some hits again instead of all that boring, old stuff at the country’s biggest. Anyway: let’s tick away that Top 2000 and on to Uncle John, Neef Goes! I’m in favor of some commotion in radio land again. And at R2 there is probably another woman who needs to be in Aunt Bosman’s day/evening programming. Who, by the way, has also been presenting himself as a ‘coach’ for two months now according to this page with additional positions at the NPO. Is he finally (also) preparing for an exit, just like his favorite Radio 2 deejay?

Patrick Kicken

PS: Als we these posts from the Goesmeister Just check and we see that in terms of political color he would fit in quite well with that radio station of De Telegraaf, Veronica. But you don’t want to lose 10% in market share, do you? And besides, they are only afraid of a person with an opinion on-air.

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