“Wounded Birds” series – we know what will happen in July. Levent: “I love her” [4.07.2022]

We check what will happen at the beginning of July in the series “Wranione birds”. Levent will soon save Meyrem from oppression. The girl is terrified, her fear is compounded by the trauma she suffered as a child. Levent seems to realize more and more that he loves Meyrem. Will he finally find himself talking about his feelings? You can read the abstracts of the Turkish soap opera “Injured Birds” in the gallery.

At the beginning of July 2022 in the series “Hurt birds”: Everyone goes looking for Meyr. Eventually, she will be found and she will be returned to the mansion. Cemil has Levent admit his feelings for Meryem. Levent loudly reveals to him that he loves her. His words are heard by Melis, who immediately goes to Tekin with it. After the incident with Durmus, Meryem concludes that it’s best for him to leave. Melis reassures her in this belief and does everything to hasten her departure.

Check what will happen in the next episodes of the series. You can find abstracts in the gallery

From March 2022, you can watch a new Turkish soap opera on TVP “Wounded Birds”. The action of the series is set in the realities of modern Turkey. The main plot revolves around the fate of Meryem and her younger brother Ömer. She took care of the baby for five years. The boy appeared in their family when she was a teenager. Someone had left it to her father, Durmus. He wanted to sell the child, but was arrested. They love each other like siblings, stick together, and their strong love helps them overcome all the adversities of this world.

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