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Worse than the New Order, Gatot Nurmantyo Unpacks Indonesia’s Current Condition

Eramuslim.com – The Presidium of the Coalition for the Action to Save Indonesia (KAMI) Gatot Nurmantyo has bluntly assessed that the current condition of Indonesia is increasingly alarming.

Gatot Nurmantyo explained that the current practice of corruption is much worse than the New Order era.

This was stated by Gatot Nurmantyo at Gatot Nurmantyo’s National Oration in the framework of OUR one year as well as the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia which was broadcast on the YouTube channel Refly Harun, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

According to the former TNI Commander, that Indonesia is getting further and further away from national orientation and ideals.

“Indeed, since last year, in our notice that the latest developments in the life of the nation and state have shown that there is a deviation, distortion and disorientation of national life from basic values ​​and national ideals,” explained Gatot Nurmantyo.

Gatot Nurmantyo also gave an example of law enforcement in the country. According to him, currently, the portrait of law enforcement in Indonesia is very bad.

“In fact, law enforcement in Indonesia is in a very bad condition. Corruption is rampant beyond the New Order, social inequality is very pronounced, the economy is in poor condition,” said Gatot Nurmantyo.

“Although it is stated that they are experiencing growth, the reality is that many people find it difficult to maintain a decent life,” he continued.

Moreover, according to Gatot Nurmantyo, efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic are even more unclear. He also emphasized that the eight points of WE’s demands from the beginning of its establishment until now are still very relevant.

“In short, our eight demands a year ago were proven and are not only still relevant but also indicate a worse and more severe condition,” he explained.

According to Gatot Nurmantyo, the current government is still leaving many serious problems. In fact, this serious problem becomes a legacy for the nation’s journey in the future.

“In short, the government to this day still leaves various very complicated and difficult problems that need serious solutions and previously needed collaboration support from all components of the nation,” he concluded. [Fajar]

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