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World’s First iPhone with USB-C Port Unveiled in Video

Apple of old had its own ports on all its equipment. But after introducing the USB-C ports on his laptops, he extended this universal port to his iPad Pros.

Later it would also arrive on the iPad Air and, more recently, it also arrived on the iPad mini. But at a time when Apple continues to make and publicize its environmental efforts, its most famous product continues to use a Lightning port.

iPhone X has been modified to work with USB-C port

While Apple does not release an iPhone with USB-C, there are those who have already managed to modify an iPhone X to do so. Ken Pillnell modified an iPhone X to work with a USB-C port instead of the traditional Lightning.

The title of this video is “The world’s first iPhone with USB-C”, and no wonder. In its description, the process is summarized: “That’s it. I finally built the world’s first iPhone with a Type-C USB port. It supports uploading and data transfer”.

“The first part was about making electronics work. Then the next step was to reverse engineer the Apple C94 connector and make my own PCB with a female USB-C port. Then the schematics for the project were defined and tested, and the end was to make it fit inside the iPhone!” he says.

For now it’s worth noting that this mod was only briefly revealed on YouTube. The editing of the complete video will have already started, and soon the revelation of the entire process is promised.

It is recalled that the European Union proposed, in September, that the USB-C became the standard for all smartphones. If this proposal is approved, Apple will have two years to bring this door to their smartphones.

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