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The burden of two wars and the Asia-Pacific game have made the United States very anxious recently. President Biden gave a televised speech a few days ago, emphasizing that the United States must maintain its role as a “beacon to the world.” He spoke so impassionedly, what did the United States think?

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The United States can no longer do anything about its status as a beacon, but it keeps saying that the United States still “shines brightly.” On June 26, 2022, “The Hill” published an article titled “Amid deepening divisions, US no longer seen as beacon of light around the world” ) article, expressing disappointment in the United States. The author is Tara Sonenshine, who once served as Deputy Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton. Three years ago, she publicly pointed out that the United States was unpopular. At that time, the COVID-19 epidemic revealed the incompetence of American public health policies, and then-U.S. President Trump casually said: He did it perfunctorily and became a joke to the world.

Today, with the Democratic Party Biden taking office, Sonnenshain has not changed her views. In her “Capitol Hill” article, she admitted that American democracy is no longer “a good example for other countries to follow.” Mainly because of the United States’ “continuously divided society and fierce conflicts between supporters of different political parties, other countries have begun to worry about the health of American democracy.”

Sonnenshain’s White House Years When Obama was in office, the Pew Research Center published a report in 2016: Among 16 major countries in the world, half or more of the respondents in 15 countries expressed confidence in U.S. leaders. Those were the glory days of America as a beacon to the world. The following year, Trump took office, and the Pew Center immediately discovered that “the world’s attitude toward the United States has changed dramatically.” Trump and his key policies are generally unpopular in the world, and respondents in many countries have a sharp decline in their evaluation of the United States.

At that time, the Pew Center conducted a survey in 37 countries, and the proportion of people who had confidence in Trump’s correct handling of international affairs, “the median was only 22%. This number is in stark contrast to the figures in the last few years of President Obama’s term. By comparison, the median obtained by the same question at that time was 64%.”

After Trump stepped down, the United States has not become better. In the latest Pew survey, the vast majority of people in almost all countries believe that there is fierce “partisanship” in the United States. At the same time, Biden’s support rate continues to decline. , “After experiencing the failed Afghan withdrawal, the impact of the new crown epidemic, the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and inflation (during Biden’s term), the confidence of 13 developed countries surveyed in Biden’s leadership has dropped significantly. Italy, Greece, Spain, Singapore and France all saw support for Biden drop by more than 20%.”

The New York Times also published an article in August 2022 entitled “Why the United States is No longer the Beacon in the Hearts of Many Chinese People”, reflecting that the Chinese are not only disappointed with the United States, but also fearful: “Chinese students still want to study in the United States Studying in college, but very afraid of gun violence in the United States, anti-Asian attacks, or being labeled as spies. They set off with the advice of others: Don’t leave campus, watch your words, stay away from conflict…” The author Wang Wen is a professor at Renmin University , has a good feeling about the United States. At the end of the article, he said confidently: “China still has a lot to learn from the United States. We have a lot in common. We drive Fords and Teslas made in China, wash our hair with P&G shampoo, and shop at Starbucks Drinking coffee. Solving some of the biggest problems on Earth requires us working together.” That last line is great, though: “But that doesn’t mean jumping off the cliff with America.”

In recent years, it is reported that more than 30,000 Chinese scientists have immigrated to the United States from China, accounting for an estimated 10% of American scientists. Among them, there are more than 20,000 graduates from prestigious Chinese universities in Silicon Valley alone, including Tsinghua and Peking University.

If you stay in China and develop, you will have good opportunities. Excellent people can achieve technological achievements that “lead the United States”, such as stealth nuclear submarines, smart driving and 5G communications that are ahead of the United States. Why go to the United States? It doesn’t work anyway.

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With Kissinger gone, he will no longer be able to bring more benefits to Sino-US relations. In addition to feeling sad, it reminds people of the Ming Dynasty in the past. 2023 may be the American version of the “Wanli Tenth Five-Year Plan”.

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Kissinger visited Beijing in July this year to accept Xi Jinping’s congratulations on his 100th anniversary. The Chinese leadership called for using “Kissinger-style diplomatic wisdom” to resolve the current deadlock and dilemma in China-China relations. Earlier, Kissinger wrote a preface for the 10th anniversary of the Chinese version of “On China”, pointing out that since the publication of “On China”, the differences in values ​​and historical views between China and the United States, as well as the gap in public opinion between the two countries, have further deepened. Express deep concern. He particularly emphasized, “In the era of high technology represented by nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence, China and the United States, which have both, must try their best to avoid a costly conflict. Seeking common ground while reserving differences is the right way for China and the United States to interact.”

The United States, whose three-year anti-epidemic performance against the COVID-19 pandemic has been unsatisfactory and whose three-year technology sanctions against China have failed to produce any results, was once rated as a sign of decline, and the United States was showing signs of “Ming Dynasty”. It is said that in December 2019, someone on the Zhihu website asked “What historical lessons have the Chinese learned from the history of the Ming Dynasty and the fall of the Ming Dynasty?” A netizen named Shangao County responded in turn: “The United States is as powerful and hegemonic as it seemed back then. The Ming Dynasty, and China is the Jianzhou Jurchen who was exploited and oppressed before they “entered the customs.” Instead of settling for compromise, it is better to stand up and overthrow the Ming Dynasty’s tribute system and establish its own world order.” The above uses the Ming Dynasty as a metaphor for the United States. His impassioned speech received more than 4,000 “likes”.

When the BBC reported the above news about “the emergence of Chinese nationalism”, it explained that behind it was: “China cannot surpass the United States by copying the values ​​​​promulgated by the Americans. Everything must be established by the Chinese people after they establish their own world order, and then the Chinese people can carry forward their own values.” However, at the time, the Western media was very disapproving of this.

Rather than talking about China’s “entry into the customs”, it is better to compare the current US President Biden with Emperor Wanli. In the writings of historian Huang Renyu, Wanli, as a monarch, was subject to various restrictions and helplessness, which led to his feeling of negativity and indolence. The imperial decree Without it, the whole country will achieve nothing. In fact, the situation in the United States may be worse than in the Wanli era. This is not as simple as entering decline.

Isn’t it? The United States is now facing the burden of two wars. The war between Russia and Ukraine cannot bring down Russia. Before entering its second year, Russia’s economy and society have stabilized and its military-industrial system has recovered. Putin recently once again expressed his attitude towards the United States and the West that they “will not stand apart”. Europe is overdrafted for Ukraine, and the United States is most afraid of turning into a long-term war; the Middle East crisis has greatly consumed a large amount of the United States’ national power, and Secretary of State Blinken went to Israel and Palestine three times in a short period of time to mediate; to make matters worse, Biden submitted a total agreement to Congress last month The special appropriation request for US$106 billion, which includes military and security assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific region, may be challenged by hard-liners in Congress. Anti-China congressmen want to increase the allocation of military assistance to Taiwan, let alone To further shake up Sino-US relations, considering the insufficient fiscal and taxation, huge foreign military expenditures, high domestic inflation, etc., it is not bad to be the Wanli Emperor, at least there are still more than 20 years before being “entered”!

Kissinger passed away today. This figure who advocated good relations between China and the United States is as good as Zhang Juzheng, who advocated the reform of the Ming Dynasty. They both did the right thing, but when people go away, the world will never be the same and the country will become even more unstable. Think about it, are the political forces in the U.S. Congress, led by Gallagher and Rubio, speeding up the process of getting rid of “Kissinger”?

The Ming Dynasty is gone forever, and there is a high chance that China-US relations will be too.

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