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Woody Allen gave the first interview in 30 years. Responded to the allegations of “daughter”

Woody Allen lived for many years in a relationship with Mia Farrow, whose adopted daughter Dylan accuses the director of molesting the director. The case was publicized in a recent documentary, “Allen vs. Farrow,” in which the accused was absent. The director, however, was interviewed by CBS, once again denying the allegations.

The documentary series “Allen vs. Farrow” premiered on March 14. Two weeks later, an interview was broadcast with the director, who for almost 30 years did not talk about his private life with any journalist. An exception was made for Lee Cowan from “CBS Sunday Morning”.

Significantly, the conversation with Allen took place in June 2020. But its transcript was only broadcast after the premiere of the document in which Dylan had a voice. Allen, therefore, could not respond to the specific allegations discussed in the series. However, he constantly emphasized that the accusations of his ex-partner’s daughter were unfounded.

“It’s so ridiculous and yet the stain remains,” Allen said. “Nothing I’ve ever done with Dylan in my life could have been so misinterpreted,” added the filmmaker about the allegations of molestation or potential harassment.


“A Rainy Day in New York” trailer of Allen’s latest film

Allen emphasized that his relationship with Mia Farrow was not what many imagine. That although they were in a long-term relationship, they did not form a family.

– I never lived with Mia, never slept in Mia’s house in all the years we were dating. We had a relationship, but it was never supposed to be a marriage, the director explained.

When asked about his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow’s other adopted daughter, Allen replied, “There has never been a time when it wasn’t the most natural thing in the world.” As proof of his innocence in the matter of alleged pedophilia, he pointed out that he could easily adopt two young children from Soon-Yi.


– They (the adoption center – ed.) Do not give two little girls to someone they consider a pedophile, said Allen, who married Previn in 1997.

– Dylan was a good kid. I think she thinks so. I can’t believe she made it up. She’s not lying. I believe she believes it, ‘the director added, suggesting that Dylan Farrow had been tricked into talking about the alleged molestation.

Allen also referred to the attitude of the actors who played in his films, and after the accusations, Dylan publicly turned away from him. “They mean well, but they’re silly.” All they do is persecute a completely innocent person and allow this lie to happen.


Woody Allen, however, does not care about the opinion of people who, sitting in front of televisions, pass their sentences contrary to the findings of the investigators.

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