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Woman Accidentally Orders 9990 Servings at Restaurant – South China Dining Disaster

As the influencers say: “The camera eats first”.

Recently, two friends visited a restaurant in Kunming in southwest China.

There they got the biggest surprise of their lives.

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9990 servings

Before they ate, one woman posted a picture of the dinner on the social media WeChat, writes South China Morning Post.

Soon after, a confused employee approached her with a bill for a whopping 430,000 yuan.

This corresponds to NOK 662,352 at today’s exchange rate.

The bill stated that she had ordered 2,580 portions of squid, 1,850 bowls of spicy duck blood – and no less than 9,990 portions of fermented shrimp.

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Innocent mistake

After a lot of back and forth, it turned out that the woman, who is only identified by her surname Wang, had not only posted a photo of the dinner on WeChat.

The picture showed the QR code on the table, which is used to order food at the restaurant.

Someone on WeChat had taken advantage of this, and thus ordered thousands of dishes using the QR code.

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Continued to pour in

Wang was quick to delete the photo, but it continued, according to the report China Daily to pour in fake food orders.

It ended with the restaurant manager having to move Wang and her friend to another table, which has a different QR code.

He then deleted the serious bill.

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Taking action

According to the South China Morning Post, the woman has taken the whole thing as a “lesson”.

The restaurant has no idea who was behind the fake food orders, but they have now taken action to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

Among other things, they have changed the ordering system, so that orders can only be made when you are near the restaurant.

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