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Wolf spotted between Kinrooi and Bree

Kinrooi / Bree – The wolf is on the rise. It is increasingly sighted in our region. Yesterday a wolf was seen on the Hasseltkiezel (N73) between Kinrooi and Bree, just over the border at Weert.

A motorist stopped and was able to capture the wolf’s image well. The images show a frightened wolf trying to flee through the adjacent thicket. Eventually, the four-legged friend turns and crosses the four-lane road, back into a field. All ends well for both road users and the wolf.

Wolves nearby

As of April 2022 it went less well. Then a dead wolf was found on the A2 motorway between Nederweert and Weert. Also in De Groote Heide nature reserve a wolf is said to reside near Cranendonck.

You can find the wolf territories by: www.wolveninnederland.nl

Watch a submitted video: https://youtube.com/shorts/0rMEUDzsJOw

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