Wolbachia Mosquito Larvae Program in Bali: Australian Collaboration and Impact

Mosquito larvae that have been injected with Wolbachia bacteria. Bali delays release of Wolbachia mosquito larvae.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesian Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin said there was Australia’s interest in the mosquito testing program.Wolbachia in Bali Province. He said Australia wanted to protect its citizens from threats dengue hemorrhagic fever while on holiday on the Island of the Gods.

“Many Australians come to Bali, afraid of catching dengue, so he helps them straight through grant Australia. “This is what is ‘busy’,” said Budi at the DPR Commission IX Working Meeting attended online in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/11/2023).

Budi said that the implementation of mosquito trialsWolbachia in Bali is not included in a similar program implemented by the Ministry of Health in five cities in Indonesia, namely Semarang (Central Java), West Jakarta (DKI Jakarta), Bandung (West Java), Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), and Bontang (East Kalimantan).

“Denpasar is going its own way. Maybe the regional government has access to researchers in Australia, they do it own program,” said Budi.

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