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Without information, there are no conditions to lease another 600 buses – Civic Council

Monterrey, NL on February 12, 2023. The Civic Council considers it impossible to responsibly and assertively exercise its role as a member of the IMA Governing Board without a minimum of information and transparency, for which we will maintain our position of voting against the lease of the 600 new units

A year ago the current administration announced an ambitious mobility program, which for the urban area included: leasing a fleet of buses, a new fuel supply model (natural gas), specialized infrastructure, technologies, information for users and the implementation of a new model of production-regulation of services with payment per vehicle-kilometre to suppliers.

The members of the Governing Board of the Institute for Mobility and Accessibility still do not know the status of each of the components that would make up the new system. Its most visible component, bus leasing, has lagged far behind the established plan.

In the last ordinary meeting of the IMA, on January 30, the state government requested the approval of the lease of another 600 buses. Prior to the session and during it, the Civic Council requested the usual information for this type of initiative and, above all, that the Implementation Plan for the new system be presented. The IMA has not yet presented us with the state of progress of each of the components of said Plan, when they would be ready or a calendar for the commissioning of the new services. The session ended, by decision of the Technical Secretary of the Governing Board, with a postponement to gather the requested information.

Once again we have been summoned, this time to an extraordinary session on February 13, to put the lease of the 600 buses back to a vote by the Board, without having corrected the deficiency of information requested in January, both in official letters and in the Previous meeting. Therefore, we will go into this new session with certainty and many uncertainties.

Our certainty is that the most visible components of the process -the leasing of the buses and the bidding for services- are inconclusive due to an evident non-compliance with the proposed times and scope. We continue with the lack of information: nothing has been disclosed about the other components (technologies, specialized infrastructure, information for users, gas supply) and much less what the complete implementation program is.

We call on the current administration to work under a paradigm that moves away from inefficient action models that have been incurred in the past, taking into account a comprehensive vision and the presentation of transparent monitoring information and calendars necessary for decision making. decisions in favor of the citizenry.

Image: NL Government

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