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With vigor ahead! Colleagues congratulate the puppet theater actress Santa Dži on the anniversary / Article

As the actors have free days in the theater on Monday, their colleagues from Santa Claus will celebrate tomorrow, but Latvian Television is already congratulating and revealing the most characteristic of a colleague.

“Santa, happy birthday! Have a nice show this season! Have a lot of interesting and challenging work in the coming seasons!” greeted by actor Mikelis Žideļūns.

“Well then, the girdle, the gnaw, with vigor, stay as you are, never lose a gram of your essence,”

wishes actor Anrijs Sirmais.

Actress Dace Vitola, for her: “I wish Santa to have her followers as he treats experience and knowledge. Hi Santa, have a cool birthday!”

Santa Didži started working at the Latvian Puppet Theater in 1994. The number of performances stretched back to the fourth decade, the range of characters created was the widest, most clearly expressed in characteristics.

“Santa is a very characteristic character, the roles are very tasty for her. She takes a very meticulous approach to everything she does.

She will develop every smallest, smallest worm, she will find all the justification and motivation for him, “colleagues Žķelis Žideļūns describes.

“She has good blood circulation, she’s interested in what she’s doing, Santa never loses vigilance about her role and about the show as a whole,” says Dace Vītola. These are the roles in which she puts out something of her life, her experience that she cannot otherwise. [..] I don’t know where she has the reserves for these roles, that’s probably the main thing I want to say – come and see Santa’s character and comic roles, she also has heroic roles like Kashtanka, for which she has won several awards, but me directly how a person addresses her characteristics. “

“I see Santa in a way as a teacher,” says actor Anrijs Sirmais. “She is purposeful, she is ambitious for the profession, and that’s good. And she’s very understanding. I respect her opinion. like this, I know that in the same “Princess on the Pea,” I say, “I’ll make a little pinch, and then let’s see how it will be,” I know she’ll catch my pinch in an instant and play right away.

Santa Didžus was born in Talsi, grew up in Stende, and later studied at Talsi Secondary School, after which he entered the Latvian Academy of Culture Puppet Theater Actors Course. In 2008, she completed her master’s studies in directing, staging a diploma thesis show “7 Days. Genesis”, which won the Gamers’ Night nomination “Children’s Show of the Year”.

For almost 30 years, Santa Didži has been an actress at the Latvian Puppet Theater, creating delicate and technically complex roles in several dozen productions, the most important of which are: Queen – Hans Christian Andersen’s “Princess on the Pea”, Director – Linda Rudene’s “Half-Man”, Grandmother – Erik Kestner Emil and the Boys of Berlin “, Gina – Ģirts Šuolis” Foot Motor Caps “, Rasa elf, Ragana – M. Stāraste” What’s going on in the Big Forest? ” daughter “, Teacher, Mrs. Granberg – Astrid Lindgren’s” Pepper Garze “, Clare, Little Robber – Hans Christian Andersen’s” Snow Queen “, Bailulis – Brothers Grimm’s” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs “, Nora – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Julius – Anton Chekhov “Kaštanka”, Ilza – Frank Vedekinda “Spring Awakening”, Snow White – Georgija Landau “School of Snow White” roles in “Three Piglets and a Wolf”, “Little Red Riding Hood and a Wolf”, “Joke by the Alphabet”, “Bunny Bath”, “The Famous Duckling Tim”, “Kazanova”, “A Kid Who Can Count to 10” and many others.

On the role of Imujena in Shakespeare’s “Simbelina” at the Latvian Puppet Theater 1999/2000. Santa Didžus was awarded the “Best Young Actress” award at the “Players’ Night” of the year, as well as the “Best Young Actress” award at the 5th International Children and Youth Festival “Banaanikala 2000” in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2017, she won the Best Actress Award at the International Theater Festival VALISE (Lomza, Poland) for her title role in the show “Kaštanka”.

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