With relationships fluctuating… these are signs of a failed engagement

Follow-up – Lujain Ismail:

All relationships, be they engagement or marriage, go through many ups and downs. There are times when you can almost read each other’s minds, and then there are awkward times when you seem so distant. These differences can also arise in healthy relationships. Find out in this article the signs of a failed courtship.

Loneliness and resentment

Resentment grows when a person feels ignored or rejected. If left unchecked, it can lead to searing pain and rage that burns everything around it. Communication goes from difficult to impossible and the negativity is overwhelming. The best prevention is a combination of fairness and communication.

Mutual disrespect

If you’re feeling disrespected, whether you’re giving or receiving, you have an underlying problem. Sometimes it’s a situation where you never learn to respectfully disagree, sometimes it’s a more serious matter or a personal issue.


Lying on serious matters or cheating every day is very harmful. Often the key to procurement is asking what role you should play. Is it to give the illusion of competence in certain areas or to sustain a sense of self-worth that fails?

The distance between you

If one or both partners are attentive, seek out distractions, and consciously avoid contact, your bond may have broken. People check out for a variety of reasons – some temporary, some permanent.

Contempt in a relationship

the most dangerous sign; The chances of survival are low. This is often a way to send your scorn and unwanted feelings outward, so if left unchecked, they may resurface later in the relationship as well.

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