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Winter Storm Threatens to End Snowless Streak in Northeast – Could New York City Get Snow?

Winter storm putting Northeast snowless streak in jeopardy

Could New York City finally see an inch of snow? Chances are increasing that the Big Apple and other major cities in the Northeast could end their snowless streak as a storm system brings winter weather to the region.

NEW YORK – It’s been nearly two years, but some notable snowless streaks for major cities along the Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast, including New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore, are finally in jeopardy of being broken as chances continue to increase that winter weather will impact millions in the region.

The same storm system that’s bringing snow and ice to the South will begin to move out of the region on Monday and head for the Northeast and New England.

The FOX Forecast Center said the system will move off the East Coast on Monday night and track parallel to the Northeast coast on Tuesday while remaining just offshore.

This area of low pressure will likely spread accumulating snow along much of the I-95 corridor from Washington to Boston.

“One to 3 inches of snow is expected, basically from Washington, D.C., then you head up I-95 through the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, New York City and even up to Boston,” FOX Weather Meteorologist Michael Estime said. “I think we could see 1 to 3 inches.”

This kind of snow forecast hasn’t been seen in the New York City area so far this year.


“Every single (storm) has gone way too far out to the east or just up to the north,” FOX Weather Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen said. “It’s been too warm.”

As of Monday, it’s been 700 days since New York City has seen an inch of snowfall in a 24-hour period. It’s been even longer for Baltimore (716 days) and Philadelphia (715 days).


Which Northeast cities will see snow?

After so many frustrating storms this winter, the cold air is finally in place. But do we have the moisture to ring out at least an inch?

“In meteorological terms, this is an open wave. It’s moving pretty rapidly, but it’s going to have enough cold air and enough moisture to likely put down measurable snowfall, even along the 95 corridor,” FOX Weather Winter Storm Specialist Tom Niziol said.

An open wave is a broad area of low pressure moving west to east with no distinct low-pressure center at the surface.


The exclusive FOX Model future radar and clouds. (FOX Weather)

“(It’s) not a big storm. You may see a couple of inches here or there, up in that area,” Niziol continued. “It may break the records for days with less than an inch of snow in Philly and New York. I don’t see major impacts here, but any snowfall that occurs at the right time of day along a Megalopolis corridor, like 95, can be impactful.”

The National Weather Service issued winter weather alerts that stretch from Texas and the Gulf Coast all the way through the Northeast and southern New England.

Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for most major cities in the Northeast, including Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.


Post-holiday and commuter travel troubles

Much of the I-95 corridor through the mid-Atlantic could see treacherous driving. Unfortunately, the slippery conditions start Monday evening, just as anyone who traveled for the three-day weekend is headed home. The snow, rain and ice will continue through Tuesday, creating challenging travel as most people head back to work and school.

The heaviest snow will likely peak Tuesday morning as the broad area of low pressure parallels the Northeast coast, according to the FOX Forecast Center. Morning commuters could face challenging conditions as visibility is reduced. The snow will wrap up Tuesday evening in New England as freezing temperatures remain for the rest of the week.

So far, New York City is 8.6 inches below average for snow this season. Boston is a foot below average, while Philadelphia is 6.2 inches below average.


Long-range forecast is hopeful

If we can’t get the inch of snow from this weather system, keep an eye on the forecast later this week for additional hope.

“There are suggestions that we’ll see kind of the same pattern, the same track. Another storm developing out of the Gulf and racing northeastward toward the Atlantic and the East Coast,” Niziol said. “Still a little too far out, that energy’s way out in the Aleutians right now, to detail what’s going to happen there. But keep your guard up as we go into the end of the week in the mid-Atlantic and in the Northeast for what could be a little more significant winter weather event there.”

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