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Winter Health and Nutrition: Tips to Improve Resistance and Fight Disease

Nutrition from diet, exercise, sleep and mental habits can improve resistance, provide positive energy and help fight off disease.

According to the concept of traditional medicine, nutrition is a harmonious combination of four aspects: lifestyle, eating habits, mental attitude, and exercise. An important part of the laws of nutrition is adapting to the yin and yang of the four seasons to prevent disease.

Dr. Bui Hui Canh of Ho Chi Minh City Pharmaceutical University Hospital said that in winter, the positive energy of heaven and earth weakens and all things hide. Many plant and animal species are in a state of near hibernation, preparing for spring growth and development. Therefore, winter health care needs to prevent cold, suppress sperm, and supply yin nutrition. Rest in moderation, exercise without sweating too much, and household chores should be reasonable and not excessive.

Dr. Can suggests several nutritional methods that can help improve resistance and fight disease.

Nutritional status in meals and drinks

Maintain appropriate water intake

In winter, the amount of moisture excreted from the body through sweat and urine decreases, but the cells that supply nutrients to the body’s organs, including the brain, function normally, so the necessary amount of moisture must be supplied to ensure metabolism. Therefore, you need to supply about 1.5 to 2 liters of water to your body every day.

eat the right foods

Winter nutrition is focused on providing scientific nutrition to the body. People who lack yang energy should eat a lot of protein and animal meat such as beef, chicken, and goat meat.

Longan porridge that nourishes the mind and calms the mind, chrysanthemum porridge that brightens the eyes and helps cool the body, carp porridge that nourishes the stomach, tongue porridge that nourishes the spleen, and porridge that nourishes the yin. You can also eat sesame porridge and walnut porridge, which nourishes yin. Red apple porridge nourishes the yin, silver ear porridge nourishes the lungs, and radish porridge helps remove phlegm.

However, what you eat should depend on your body, habits, and dosage, and you should eat in moderation, avoiding eating too much food as it is harmful to your health.

You should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the use of supplements. In each case, the body has its own way of using the drug.

Nutrition from activity and exercise

In winter, you need to exercise moderately to reduce sweating in your body to improve your health. You should combine movement and static exercise, and run or exercise until you sweat a little. Excessive sweating damages the body’s energy, which goes against the nutritional principle that ‘autumn and winter provide nutrition to yin’.

Chronic diseases easily relapse or worsen during the cold winter. You should pay attention to preventing colds and keeping warm, especially in windy weather and avoiding cold air irritating your body.

Take care of your health, sleep, and stay warm.

Going to bed early helps replenish yang energy, and waking up late helps strengthen the body’s yin energy. Therefore, nutritionists in winter should get enough sleep to help the body store the energy it needs.

In winter, indoor air pollution is higher than outside, so be mentally alert by regularly opening windows to circulate and clean the air. However, you should avoid letting cold wind enter the room, and wear thick, warm clothes to avoid colds.

Plus, keeping your feet healthy is a way to stay healthy. It is a good idea to consistently soak your feet in warm water every day and massage the acupuncture points on your feet, preferably on the feet. Walk consistently for at least 30 minutes every day and massage the soles of your feet regularly in the morning and evening to promote blood circulation.

Nutrients to control the mind

In winter, the weather is cold, so it’s easy to feel down. The best way is to choose exercise that suits your health, such as slow jogging, dancing, volleyball, or badminton.

These activities are the best medicine for sadness and help you feel refreshed for the next day.

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