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“Winning renovation is now worth 400,000 euros”: this is the financial side of ‘House made’ | showbiz

TVIn ‘House Made’, one couple wins the house they renovated themselves. A wonderful prize of around 400,000 euros, not counting blood, sweat and tears during the hard work. But what will happen to the other buildings? We asked Amaury Verelst of A. Verelst Development.

See below which duo will win ‘House Made’:

Together with VTM and the production house, project development company A. Verelst is looking for three homes to be renovated. “We check with every building whether there is enough to renovate and whether there is enough creative work possible. At the same time, the renovation should not be too heavy, for example, it is not the intention that candidates would also venture into stability works. Just to say that preparation is very important”, says Amaury Verelst. “When the homework is done, we will buy the three buildings together with the company. We paid around 250,000 euros for each of the houses. Each property has its own advantages. The Antwerp house, for example, is a small town house in the center. In Koersel it is a house on a larger plot with a large garden. The participants in the program renovate the houses and the winners receive the property by means of a deed for a symbolic euro. We also pay the registration fees for that winning couple.”

Before and after: house in Antwerp from ‘House Made’ © VTM

“Our concern throughout the program is of course that the renovations are done in a good way. Backstage we have a site manager who monitors everything, especially with regard to techniques, so that no major stupidities happen. I have to say that in general the candidates did well. The winning property in Antwerp is now worth approximately EUR 400,000. Two weeks ago I went to have another look at the other properties and perhaps the value after renovation of those houses is slightly lower, I estimate that they are worth between 360,000 to 380,000. The intention is to sell those two other houses so that we can recover a large part of our investment with that money. We will soon be carrying out a final check, checking whether everything is correct with the EPC certificates, the inspection of gas and electricity, and so on. I suspect they will be on the market in four weeks.”

A. Verelst bears all risks. “But that’s the game,” says Amaury Verelst. “It is a bonus that we come into the picture. We have an agreement with VTM that a short spot of our company can be seen on television; that’s about the return we get. We are satisfied. The first year was still a bit of a search, but this season we are better attuned to each other. There is really a lot to consider, but in the meantime we are already preparing for a third season.”

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