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Willem-Alexander draws in Greece – Ditjes & Datjes

King Willem-Alexander confirmed a Royal Message to the Lower House from Greece on Friday. This is evident from the website of the House of Representatives on which the message digitally signed by Willem-Alexander about the ‘Temporary law notification application covid-19’ was published.

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The king placed his signature in his holiday home in Ermionida, according to the dating of the Royal Message regarding the “temporary provisions related to the use of a notification application in the fight against covid-19 and safeguards to prevent its abuse”. A month ago, on July 13, Willem-Alexander had already communicated with the Chamber about measures to combat the epidemic, also from Greece.

The king never tells where he spends the holiday, but publications in the Government Gazette and at the Chamber occasionally reveal his whereabouts, as was the case in the past during Queen Beatrix’s foreign holidays. Many laws and decrees have been signed in the Austrian winter sports resort of Lech and the Italian ‘podere’ in Tavarnelle.

Beatrix did not do this on an iPad, like her son does now, but on paper or fax that she received for signature by an official of the Cabinet of the Queen who was also residing in Italy at the time. After the enthronement in 2013, that practice was abolished because Willem-Alexander could sign digitally, after which the document in question will still receive a real signature after returning to the Netherlands.


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