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‘Will you run to 40?’ Ronaldo seen by Emperor Ronaldo?

▲ RONALDO Ronaldo to another RONALDO Ronaldo ▲ Ronaldo seen by Ronaldo “A player who will try to play until the age of 40” ▲ About Real and Juventus, “It seems to be different now from Real”

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “The Ronaldo seen at Real and the current Ronaldo are different. Now he has become a player who knows how to manage himself.”

Ronaldo, the legend of the elders, said that Ronaldo, who was once called my brother, seems to have changed from the days of Real Madrid.

Ronaldo and Ronaldo are icons of the era sharing the spelling’Ronaldo’. ‘RONALDO’ is spelled in Portuguese, but in native Portuguese,’Ronaldo’ is called Ronaldo, and in Brazilian Portuguese,’Ronaldo’ is called Ronaldo. For reference, Ronaldinho of Brazil is also’Ronaldo’. However, he used the nickname’Ronau Jeanne’, which means little Ronaldo, and became famous.

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In addition to the same spelling, Ronaldo and Ronaldo both played in Real Madrid, and are legends that marked a page in Serie A history.

So what do you think Ronaldo thinks of Ronaldo? According to this media (Goal.com)’Global Edition’, Ronaldo replied, “I’m not sure, but I think Ronaldo will try to do that” to a questionnaire asking if Ronaldo will remain on the ground as long as players like Buffon and Giggs.

“I think Ronaldo is different from the player I’ve seen at Real. Now he seems to know how to manage himself.”

He also praised Ronaldo’s determination, saying, “If you saw what he showed in Sassuolo, he was like a shadow throughout the game, but he destroyed the opponent in just one minute.”

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Ronaldo suddenly revealed his thoughts on Ronaldo because of the’Italian Derby’ of Inter and Juventus scheduled for the dawn of the 18th. In the case of Ronaldo, he also played in AC Milan, but after retirement, he is supporting Inter, where he had a heyday.

The first Italian derby of the season between Inter and Juventus is the 175th showdown between the two teams. Juventus is ahead of all time. Juventus has 84 wins, 44 draws and 46 losses against Inter.

Juventus is ahead of Inter in recent records. In particular, Juventus is the only opponent that Inter has not scored 3 points since the 2017/2018 season. Looking at the record in the last 7 games, it is 2 draws and 5 losses.

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