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Will present the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020

This week, Architecture Week is celebrated in Riga with a series of events. The aim of the week’s events is to highlight last year’s achievements in architecture and stimulate discussion about the industry. Architecture Week will end with the solemn awarding ceremony of the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award 2020, which will take place on Friday, October 30, when the winners of the highest award in Latvian architecture will be announced. The theme of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 is “Unforeseen Consequences”.

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Given the situation, the public and industry are invited to participate in the events remotely this year. The award ceremony of the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award will be broadcast live on the portal “Delfi” on October 30 at 7 pm.

On Friday, October 30, at 15.00, the day of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 ceremony will be opened by the open lectures of the jury, which will take place in the premises of the Latvian Architects’ Union and will be available to virtually anyone interested. In the lectures, the representatives of the Final Jury, architects Andro Mänd, Octavio Mestre, Gustė Kančaitė and Tomas Petreikis will talk about various topics that are important today, such as the consequences that have arisen. directly in school architecture in the wake of the pandemic. A small number of people will be able to watch the lectures in person. The application will be announced shortly. In turn, live broadcast will be possible watch here.

The series of events of the Architecture Week will be concluded by the solemn award ceremony of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020, which will take place on October 30, at 19.00, in the Aistere Hall of the H2O 6th quarter. During the ceremony, it will be announced which objects and processes have received the highest awards in Latvian architecture. This year, the public will be invited to watch the ceremony online.

The winners will be selected by the LAGB 2020 Final Jury, composed of architect Andro Mänd, who has worked in architectural firms such as KAVAKAVA and Salto, and is currently the President of the Estonian Architects’ Union; Gustė Kančaitė, architect and manager of the architectural firm “KANCAS”, who was nominated for the title of Kaunas Architect of the Year in 2018; architect and lecturer Octavio Mestre, who is also the co-director of the digital edition t18, as well as the head of the architectural firm “Brigita Bula arhitekti” Brigita Bula, who last year received the Latvian Architecture Grand Prize for the project Salt House in Pāvilosta.

An exhibition of works by the nominees of the Latvian Architecture Annual Award 2020 has already been opened on Monday, October 26, and is open to the public. This year, the exhibition is divided into several points, where each is dedicated to one nominated object. The works are placed on advertising stands, and by walking around them, not only the viewer will get to know the performance of the nominees, but will also be able to enjoy the urban environment of Riga. The exhibition features nine nominees nominated by the Selection Jury – Reconstruction of Melluži Concert Garden, Hansa Perons. Reconstruction of a warehouse for building entertainment events, K_99, Dzirciema Aptieka, Hagberg office, Go (a) t waste ?, Apartment building complex Koka in Riga, Reconstruction of buildings in Miesnieku Street, as well as Viesturdārza Kvartāls. It is possible to get acquainted with the points of the exhibition LAS website.

Latvian Architecture Annual Award is an annual national architectural competition with the aim to identify and popularize the best performances of Latvian architecture and to promote high-quality development of architecture. The annual award is the largest event of the year in Latvian architecture, recognized as a nationally significant event, and the award itself is the highest award in Latvian architecture. The Latvian Architecture Annual Award is organized by Latvian Union of Architects.

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