“Wildecker Herzbube” wants to die on stage – music

The fans of the “Wildecker Herzbuben” tremble for their idols. Health problems could mean the end of the cult duo.

The two “Herzilein” singers Wilfried Gliem (73) and Wolfgang Schwalm (65) enjoy absolute cult status among folk music fans. All the more shocking that the youngster of the “Wildecker Herzbuben” is seriously ill and that there is no prospect of a cure (“Today” reported). But Wilfried Gliem also suffers from chronic heart problems.

Emergency operation on “Herzilein”

The “Herzilein” star has been struggling with heart failure for years, in the technical jargon of heart failure. The 73-year-old has had to undergo several operations. “I had a heartache and a stinging of the heart. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to do physical activity,” he recalls in Interview with news.de.

With heart pain and an abnormal ECG, Gliem was admitted to the clinic about four years ago – emergency surgery. For the second time, a so-called stent was used to ensure that the heart vessels do not become blocked.

Lifestyle and “Celebrity Big Brother”

The fact that he is now much better and that he was even able to take part in the reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015 (see video) is not only thanks to surgery and drug therapy. The 73-year-old has also completely changed his lifestyle. No cigarettes, no alcohol – enough sleep, exercise and healthy eating.

He has been the testimonial of the Campaign “The shock for Herzilein” of the Viennese association “Puls – Association to combat sudden cardiac death”.

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Nevertheless: health checks at the doctor are part of Gliem’s ​​everyday life. After all, he lives to be on stage and to play “Herzilein” with his partner Wolfgang. If it is up to him, it should go on for a long time: “Maybe I will die on stage someday, it would not be the worst death.”

However, due to Wolfgang’s serious illness, it is currently more than questionable whether the “Wildecker Herzbuben” will ever be on stage together again. On the Facebook page of the two there is no event entry for 2020.

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