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why would Apple no longer provide a charger or headphones?

The box of the next iPhone 12 could be very minimalist. Apple would indeed consider removing the charger unit and the headphones from the contents of the box and selling them separately.

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As every year when summer starts, the usual anthology of rumors concerning the next vintage of iPhone begins. This time, it is not information about one of the next models of iPhone 12, but rather the content of their box. So, after indicating that Apple may no longer integrate headphones with the iPhone 12, Ming-Chi Kuo says that the contents of the box could be even more minimalist than expected. According to the analyst, who is generally well informed, Apple could both ignore headphones (even if this remains to be confirmed in Europe, where the presence of a hands-free kit is compulsory) but also on the charger block. This somewhat contradicts a recent rumor suggesting a new 20W charger whose release would be planned with the iPhone 12. According to Kuo, this charger should be sold separately, and the box of future smartphones of the Apple would contain only a simple USB cable (Type A or C) to Lightning, in addition to the smartphone.

An ecological and economic reason

Why would Apple consider removing these basic accessories? The reason given is that of the reduction of electronic waste. After a dozen generations, most iPhone owners – or smartphones in general – are now equipped with a charger unit. The same goes for the headphones, which often stay in the smartphone box while users are using wireless headphones like AirPods. Obviously, the reason is not only ecological, but also economic. The good news is that Apple would not want to increase its prices this year, copying them from those of the current range of iPhone 11. The bad news is that the company would like to pass on its rising production costs – notably due to the arrival of 5G – by removing the charger unit and the headphones supplied with the iPhone 12. At the same time, this would allow the firm to boost sales of AirPods. Finally, another leak tells us that the iPhone 12 would be able to shoot in 4K at 120 and 240 fps, while the iPhone 11 was only able to shoot 4K at 60 fps maximum.


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