Why wheat middlings are so suitable for dairy cattle

When wheat is ground in the food industry, a by-product is created: wheat meal. This by-product has a lot of structure and consists of fiber-rich carbohydrates. The product is available in a ground form, but also as pellets. The substance is rich in proteins and starch and is a very good nutrient for dairy cattle. Because the by-product is created during the processing of wheat, it is also a very financially attractive option. Knowing more? Then read on quickly!

Wheat feed as part of dairy cattle ration

When wheat is processed in the food world, it is often ground into flour. During grinding, the outside of the wheat grain, the cell wall-rich seed coat, is sieved. Part of the starch is added to this, resulting in wheat semolina. This wheat meal has many different applications, but can mainly be used in the livestock industry. The feed is suitable for dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs and insects. Because the substance is so rich in proteins that occur naturally in the cell wall-rich seed coat, it is very suitable for dairy cattle.

It is very important for dairy cattle that the cow gets the right amount of proteins. This differs greatly per dairy farm, but one can assume 12 to 16 percent protein. This can be done by adding protein, but the most financially attractive option is to add products that are nutritious and naturally very high in protein. An example of this is wheat groats.

Buying wheat feed from the right producer is very important. View here where you wheat semolina for dairy cattle can buy. Wheat feed comes in dry form, either pellets or powder. Because the fabric is solid, it can be properly maintained for a very long time without deteriorating, often up to a year. It should be kept dark and cool in a closed dry feed silo.

By-products as part of the ration

If you plan to use wheat middlings as part of the ration, it is of course useful to know how much product should be in the ration. As a feed recommendation, we recommend that dairy cattle put a maximum of 5 kg of product in the ration. This is the case in a balanced ration.

If you choose to order the wheat semolina by-product from Loop, it will be delivered and deposited in the storage location. In addition, other by-products are also offered on our website that are suitable as animal feed. By still using these by-products, we prevent waste and work towards a better future. In addition, these products can also be offered at an attractive price. Knowing more? Read more about it here the Looop company.

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