Why Shobha’s Emotional Reaction in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season Five Was Justifiable: A Fan’s Perspective

The “spot eviction” prank was one of the notable tasks this week in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season Five. As per the instructions of Bigg Boss, Shobha Vishwanath was eliminated along with all the other stars as part of the prank task. Finally, Bigg Boss announced Shobha’s eviction as per the majority opinion. Everyone saw that Shobha’s reaction was very emotional.

Shobha was very angry with Akhil Marar and did not even want to say goodbye to Nadira. Shobha’s opponents from outside publicized this incident in a different way. When Shiju asked for a vixen, she didn’t even give it.

But now it is the note shared by her fan on social media supporting Shobha on this issue. The note explains why Shobha reacted in such a way. The full form of that note which has already become a big discussion is as follows..

After the “spot eviction” prank, Marar fans have been carrying out a planned attack on contestant Shobha. The reasons are more interesting. He didn’t say goodbye to everyone, he spoke angrily, the reasons go like that. In fact, the reasons why Shobha got angry were the nominations of Akhil and Nadira.

Shobha has given Marar the “respect” that Marar did not give to Shobha when he was angry, no matter how much he sided with the enemy. In the first days of Bigg Boss, it was clear that Akhil’s eyes were full of tears and he was most worried and ran after him to calm him down.

Days passed since then. Many dropped out and the competition was tight. Shobha was cast as a direct rival to Akhil, who had more fans. While standing in such a situation, the ball got to Shobha’s feet again. A golden opportunity to release Akhil Marare on account of the “Mund” issue, which was debated with the court, the lawyer and the case. There too, Shobha showed the thing called “respect” which Akhil did not give Shobha to her opponent.

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Assured that the match will be played head-to-head and won, Marar ended the incident with an apology. So Shobha gets a direct nomination from someone without any consideration. Shobha, who is sure that it is not fake, shouldn’t show him that much anger at least..?

The second is Nadira, the one who loved and stood by. I don’t think anyone needs to tell you how much pain a person will feel if someone stabs them in the back. It was a sudden eviction, not like a weekend eviction that you’re mentally prepared for. It showed its protest as soon as it came to mind, that’s all.

Anyway, two things are clear with this prank. How strong a lady she is from the fact that even though she was singled out and thrown out by everyone, she stuttered her words while talking to Bigg Boss. Shobhak, who is 100% original, deserves every reason to be the title winner of the season of Bigg Boss dubbed as “Battle of Originals”.

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