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Why do we need the site maintenance service? – 2024-02-23 15:28:57

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Whether we are talking about a media, store or company site, regular maintenance is required to keep the system in good condition.

Think of it as your personal car: it won’t last forever without proper care, right? Even normal daily driving causes wear and tear on a number of components: tires, filters, linings, and so on. Over time, small problems can turn into big ones if not detected and “treated” in time.

It’s the same with the website – a lack of maintenance for a long period of time can have serious consequences for the business.

What does the site maintenance service include?

  • Direct administration
  • Optimization and promotion in search engines
  • Condition monitoring
  • Rapid response to security threats
  • Data backup and more

What happens if you neglect your site maintenance?

Various problems can arise. For example, security breaches: without updating the software, the site becomes much more vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Without correcting the errors, the site starts to malfunction or stop functioning altogether, resulting in a loss of visitors and reduced sales, respectively. We have already mentioned about data loss – this is a very dangerous scenario related to information loss.

Without performance monitoring, the site gets “wounds” – it starts to slow down and visitors drop sharply. This leads to poor conversion and a long-term drop in traffic.

Finally, without regular user experience audits, the site becomes uncomfortable. For example, complex navigation leads to worse behavioral factors that are taken into account by Google as a ranking factor.

Briefly about the main thing

Site maintenance service is a set of actions aimed at ensuring stability, optimization, automation and continuous operation of the platform.

It helps to simplify work processes, save employees time, reduce costs and increase sales.

Each professional has his own set of services. For example, some companies also offer domain registration and hosting account creation. Other companies may also offer protection against malicious threats.

Search engines are constantly changing, but a site maintenance service ensures that people will continue to quickly and easily find your site and take advantage of the products you offer.

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