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Why do the coolest guys all get into nail art?

Men don’t take care of their nails today. Legends like David Bowie and Kurt Cobain were into nail art decades ago – but things have really taken it up a notch now. It was around 2019 that the nail art for men became more mainstream and figures like Harry Styles, Troye Sivan, Tyler, the Creator and Steve Lacy took to lacquering their nails, making the practice an essential part of a new kind of celebrity. Brands were quick to follow. Chanel launched its own nail polish for men, and today most of the old-school manufacturers (Rimmel, Mac and others) list their polishes as gender neutral.

But today, men don’t just sport clear nail polish or black nails. Harry Styles has launched his own beauty brand, Pleasing, whose flagship product is a range of technicolor men’s nail polishes. It’s no surprise that nail art for men is quickly gaining popularity. If men’s clothing is becoming more and more daring (just look at the red carpet to be convinced), why shouldn’t grooming follow suit? But it doesn’t stop at the varnish. Oh no ! Nail art today is much more than just a swipe of shiny polish and “nail tattoos” are in fashion, as are stickers.

Our advice? Start simple. If you’ve never worn polish and are feeling nervous, leave the intricate designs for later and choose one or two colors. If you’re really not confident, you can even leave some nails blank like A$AP Rocky. Second tip: don’t try to do it yourself (painting your nails for the first time is not easy). To help you, we interviewed two of the biggest nail artists from London, Amanda Lee, owner and founder of Iris Avenue salon in Fitzrovia, and Chiara Ballisai, on the rise of men’s manicures and what to do about it.

What is nail art?

“Nail art is a general term for nail decoration and can range from adding crystals to airbrushing effects to hand-painted designs,” says Lee. “Nail art, as the name suggests, is a form of art,” suggests Ballisai. “That is to say the expression of each person’s personality and the desire to complete a bold look, all through the creation of a manicure.”

You can achieve this through freehand drawing and abstract or you can use stickers and gems. Chrome powders are also very popular, but they can only be used with gel polish. Personally, I’m a fan of chrome powders and gemstones, because they allow you to create a multitude of different looks, from the most subtle to the most bold and extravagant!

What is a manicure?

“A manicure involves trimming and filing the nails, cleaning the cuticles, and buffing the nails,” says Lee. “You can then apply regular varnish or gel varnish. Regular manicures not only maintain healthy nails and well-groomed hands, but they can also be relaxing.”

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