Why be dizzy with short-term pricing?


pt Go to Gojek Tokopedia Tbk has been under pressure lately. GoTo shares were even below IDR 100 per share, far below the initial public offering (IPO) price of IDR 338 per share.

GoTo’s poor performance is in line with the end of the inventory freeze period. With the end of this lockdown period, “old” investors can trade or sell shares.

One of GoTo’s investors, PT Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI), spoke about the stock’s decline.

MCI’s investment director, Dennis Pratistha explained, the shares are part of the company. For him, the most important thing is the fundamentals of the business.

“We have to remember, yes, shares are part of the business, what we always prioritize or prioritize are the fundamentals of the business,” he said. detik comWednesday (14/12/2022).

He said performance Go to in the last quarter it continued to show improvements. In fact, he said, GoTo said it could turn a profit faster.

According to him, the movement of short-term stocks is very erratic. Again, he said, the most important thing is the fundamentals of the company.

“Stocks, right? very volatile, short term going up and down can’t be explained it’s psychologybut if long termit is not psychology, it is essential to watch. So why do we care about the price? short termbut what interests us long-term business performanceher,” he explained.

They look at the performance Go to experiencing improvements. He considered, gradually the stock price will reflect the company’s performance.

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“We’ve seen enough announcement last quarterthey show a lot positive trend, Self positive trend can they continue, they will be a healthy company. So the fundamentals are the share price now short term surely later you will see how strong the fundamentals are, they say profitable“The share price will gradually reflect that,” he said.

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