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Why are Apple products more expensive? This is the reason!

These products and all others that are also produced by Apple continue to suffer greatly from the global inflationwhich makes their prices always grow.

According to some industry analysts, there are other factors that make this happen, such as increased demand, tariffs on imported products and high labor costs.

With that in mind, a new report was created to find out more precisely the answer to the following question: why do Apple are more expensive?

What did the research reveal?

According to a survey carried out by a tracking site called Nukeni, it was possible to notice that there was a drastic change. This research was done in 37 different countries where Apple has direct online sales.

When you consider the price of iPhone 13it is possible to notice that the prices of the iPhone 14 increased in about 29 of the 37 countries in which this mapping was carried out.

Already the new line of MacBook Pro is considered the most expensive in 27 countries, inclusive, the iPad that was launched last is what is costing more expensive among all its predecessors, in all 37 countries of the study.

When you take into account some countries around the world — but ignore Turkey, where prices more than doubled there due to extreme economic circumstances — the iPhone 14 lineup, M2 MacBook Pro and iPad 10 increased by an average of 10%, 15% and 50% respectively, yet there are notable exceptions.

MacBook Pros M2 are 20% more expensive in countries like Sweden and Japan. iPhone 14 models are 35% more expensive in Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Japan, and the iPad 10 is 60-92% more expensive in the same countries.

What about other Apple products?

However, it is important to emphasize that this trend is not happening only with the main products sold by Apple, as well as the iPhone 14 and the MacBook Pro, other devices and accessories that are also sold by it, also had similar increases. For example, AirPods, even if they are not present in this research done by Nukeni, also saw an increase of around 15% in several markets.

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