Whole Wheat Pasta: The Healthiest Option for Your Diet

How we love pasta, but unfortunately we also know that pasta contains an amount of calories. Of course you can make a pasta dish as healthy as you want, but you also have the choice between normal and whole wheat pasta. What is actually the healthiest option?

Vitamins and minerals

If you eat pasta in Italy, it will be made from durum wheat. In the Netherlands it is different: here pasta is made with white flour. In this case, the husks of the wheat are removed. With wholemeal pasta, the whole grain is used, which also makes it darker in color. In wholemeal pasta, vitamins and minerals remain intact, making it a healthier choice.

Less hungry

Whole wheat pasta contains complex carbohydrates. These are carbohydrates that your body cannot break down as easily, so it has to work harder. So more energy is used, so you get hungry less quickly.

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Difference in calories

Of course everyone has their preference and it is therefore not surprising if whole wheat pasta is not really your thing. You can also eat normal pasta with confidence: the difference in calories between whole wheat pasta and normal pasta is not that big. 100 grams of white pasta contains 143 calories and 100 grams of whole wheat pasta contains 131 calories. But the fact remains: whole wheat pasta is ultimately the healthiest option.

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