While waiting for a trailer, Back 4 Blood presents a pretty stylish concept art


In mars 2019, we you were talking about Back 4 Blood, a game just announced and yet designated as the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead. And for good reason, Turtle Rock Studios had worked on the famous license when it belonged to Valve, proof of the experience of its developers.

But suddenly, what’s new on the side of Back 4 Blood ? Not much, in truth, if not a concept art unveiled on Twitter. It is clear that this is quite sparse as information, but that is all that we can be satisfied with at the moment. This magnificent illustration is nevertheless interesting, because it would seem that the fortifications did not date from yesterday, and that we thus have to do with a menace identified for a while. We can therefore expect experienced veterans, and perhaps even traps designed to be especially lethal to zombies.

The title suggests that, unlike Left 4 Dead, the game of Turtle Rock will push us to take the fight to the enemy, rather than fleeing to an extraction point. It remains to be seen whether these are scripted missions linked one after the other, or if we will be entitled to a very nice little campaign!

For the time being, Back 4 Blood n’a no release date yet, and we don’t even know if its development goes without a hitch. Because if the Twitter account on the studio confirms that the work is progressing, the publisher Warner Bros faces some uncertainty, while it is sold by its owner AT&T and Microsoft has shown interest. We still hope to have more news soon, especially since Valve has confirmed that Left 4 Dead 3 was not for now.

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