Which team was the first to win the Champions League?

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The Champions League It is the most important trophy in all of Europe. The Champions League maintains a status that few can achieve but everyone dreams of achieving, since it is a great achievement to win the tournament in which the best teams in the world participate. Although great squads What Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Chelsea have disputed it in recent years, the first team champion no belongs to none of your leagues.

In 1992, in order to make the tournament more competitive a restructuring was carried out in the format and it ceased to be the European Cup, even if in that campaign a league was not carried out as it happens now in the Champions League, but the teams that were left in the first place in each group went directly to the Final.

Which was the first team to win the Champions League?

For that edition, equipment that they managed to get in to the most important party were the AC Milan, with a perfect pace in the group stage and the Marseille Olympic who by one point beat Rangers and earned their right to play the continental tournament against the Italians.

The meeting was so close that sfeeling a goal was scored in that match, but not for the Italian squad, but for the Marseille Olympic, which thanks to the solitary goal of defender Basile Bolli lifted the first and only Champions League in its history on May 26, 1993, which Didier Deschamps showed off to the fans.

However the Marseille was unable to defend its title of champion the following campaign, since that same year it was discovered that your President, Bernard Tapie, was involved in a bribery and financial irregularities scandal.

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With the absence of the champion, the Milan took their revenge and took the tournament home in the 1993/1994 campaign after thrashing Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona 4-0 in Athens, where neither Koeman, Stoichov or Romario could make up the result one bit.

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