Which connection would you prefer on iPhone?

You remember ? It was whispered for a while that the iPhone would no longer have any ports in 2021. Finally, the disappearance of the Lightning port would not be for this year and we do not know if the project is still relevant. The MagSafe is a step in that direction, but parts are still missing to consider a wireless-only iPhone.

iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 13 should therefore always have a Lightning port, Apple apparently not having decided to integrate USB-C, which is however democratizing on iPad. Unless the European Commission forces its hand in the future? The institution could present next month a strengthening of the “universal charger” initiative. Among the options on the table is the mandatory use of a USB-C port on smartphones – which Apple does not like – but it is not yet clear whether this is a lead. detention.

In short, which connection would you prefer on iPhone?



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