Where to watch Northampton vs West Ham live for a friendly match?

Northampton Town y West Ham United will be measured this Tuesday, July 13 at Sixfields Stadium in Northampton, for a club friendly. Here are all the details of the match.

Northampton vs West Ham live for a friendly match

When is the match? Tuesday, July 13.
What time is the game? At 1:00 p.m. from Colombia.
In which stadium will the match take place? Sixfields Stadium in Northampton.

Which TV channels will Northampton vs West Ham broadcast?

You can follow this commitment through the social networks of both teams and through the various online platforms.

The most important times on the planet of the duel between Northampton vs West Ham

Los Angeles: 11:00
Mexico City: 13:00
Colombia: 13:00
Ecuador: 13:00
Peru: 13:00
Miami: 14:00
New York: 14:00
Venezuela: 14:00
Paraguay: 14:00
Chile: 14:00
Argentina: 15:00
Brazil: 15:00
Uruguay: 15:00
London: 19:00
Roma: 20:00
Madrid: 20:00
Cairo: 20:00
Tokyo: 03:00 (July 14)
Sydney: 04:00 (July 14)



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