When Politicians Attempt Political Recovery: Famous Personalities and Artists They Tried to Appropriate

When Politicians Attempt Political Recovery: Famous Personalities and Artists They Tried to Appropriate

Political recovery is nothing new, especially when we see the brands that have asked people to stop talking about them (hello Pécresse and Kärcher). And often, to serve their interests, politicians also use popular personalities to appear as cool, fashionable and open-minded people. Except that they really don’t fool anyone with their big hooves. It’s not the old monkey who is taught to take us for bruises.

Jean Dujardin and Antoine Dupont featured in the front page of Valeurs Actuelles

Latest controversy which does not really come from politicians, but more from the far-right magazine Current Values. The magazine has indeed recovered a photo of rugby player Antoine Dupont at the end of the first match of the 2023 World Cup against the All Blacks as well as a photo of actor Jean Dujardin during the opening ceremony to illustrate a A very right-handed one. It actually said France rugby: Well-behaved supporters, patriotic players, exemplary values, the recipes of a deep-rooted sport that has become a model for society”. And that didn’t really please Dupont and Dujardin who indicated on Instagram France rugby yes, your values ​​no. » In your teeth Current Values.

Teddy Riner and Leïla Slimani recovered by Valérie Pécresse who wanted to make them ministers

It was in 2022 during the sequence “If I were president” broadcast on France 2: Valérie Pécresse had to name public figures that she would have liked to see in her government if she won the 2022 presidential election and she had thus cited Teddy Riner and Leïla Slimani. Obviously, it didn’t connect at all with the two people involved and if Teddy Riner had just responded with a laughing emoji, the writer had clarified that “nothing would horrify him more”. It stings. Obviously, Valérie Pécresse subsequently tried to deny it to avoid humiliation, but not to us Valoche, we know what you did.

Woodkid and De Gaulle recovered in Zemmour’s candidacy video for the 2022 election (among others)

But siiiii, remember the absolutely HORRIBLE candidacy clip of the Z which had taken up De Gaulle’s facial expressions during the appeal of June 18, 1940 to promote his racist ideas, all while stealing music from the artist Woodkid as well as extracts from films for which he did not have the rights. In short, how can I tell you that the people and their jobs, used in this video, were not delighted (except De Gaulle who had already passed the gun to the left and had no idea what was happening, as a result). In the end, Zemmour was convicted of “copyright infringement” and “infringement of moral and patrimonial rights”. Well done.

Johnny Hallyday who almost saw Marine Le Pen show up at his funeral to recover

Lack of success for her, the 2022 presidential candidate found herself “persona non grata” during the singer’s funeral because Johnny’s family had not invited her to the funeral. Far enough from assuming that she came just to make political recovery, MLP still had the nerve to say “Is this also for my constituents? Because there are many of them who are part of the public who supported Hallyday throughout his career”. Well luckily she didn’t show up!

Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and their song Despacito, used by the Venezuelan government to encourage people to vote

At the end of July 2017, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi had the unpleasant surprise of seeing their interplanetary hit Slowly be remixed by the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to campaign and encourage people to vote. Obviously, the two singers did not like this recovery at all, especially since it occurred while the country was at the heart of major demonstrations against the regime in place. Daddy Yankee also reacted on Instagram by saying “ “That you illegally appropriate a song is nothing compared to the crime you are committing and have committed in Venezuela.”. He didn’t go there despacito if you ask me.

Mbappé victim of forced hugs from Emmanuel Macron during the 2022 World Cup final

At the time, videos in which Macron was seen chasing Mbappé all over the field to give him comforting hugs went around homes. We saw the president doing everything to show that he was a cool guy, full of support and into sport while this brave Kylian just wanted to cry in his corner with his friends after losing to Argentina. It was embarrassing as possible and everyone saw the maximum recovery that Emmanuel Macron was trying to make on the ground. We’re not fools actually!

Gilles Lellouche and Cédric Jimenez whose film Bac Nord was appropriated by the far right

First of all, know that I have NOT seen “Bac Nord” so I’m unable to tell you if it’s a right-wing film, a left-wing film, or a third exit at the roundabout after the Carrefour. But in all cases, director Cédric Jimenez and Gilles Lellouche denounced the recovery of the film by Le Pen, Zemmour and Pécresse (them again). The RN candidate declared “Reality is this movie!” Go see him ! Become aware of this terrible reality and the urgency to regain control. » What Gilles Lellouche responded to in 7 to 8 “What saddened me, obviously, was also the political exploitation that we made of it. The film was released during an election period, so we had Éric Zemmour, we had Marine Le Pen who imagined that this film could become an electoral argument. This already shows a little the level of the arguments”.

Eminem who saw his song Lose Yourself covered by Republican Vivek Ramaswamy

Ah, he was angry Eminem, he was angry! And we understand it! Vivek Ramaswamy, an American Republican of the big Trumpist fascist type, allowed himself to rap music Lose Yourself during a political event organized on the occasion of his campaign, with a view to the American presidential election of 2024. Obviously, the singer immediately sent him an “official request” for Vivek Ramaswamy to stop collecting his music. Afterwards, knowing that Trump is a fan of stealing music, we are not so surprised that his admirers do the same.

The entrepreneur is enjoying a surprise rise in the Republican primary race. A video in which he…

Posted by The world on Monday, August 28, 2023

Olivier Giroud victim of identity recovery during the 2022 World Cup

During the clash with Morocco during the 2022 Football World Cup, Olivier Giroud was the victim of identity recovery. Scorer during the match, he found himself congratulated by a whole host of right-wing people, namely Jordan Bardella, Éric Ciotti, Julien Odoul, and Éric Zemmour, all because he is white, Christian and evangelist, and That, well, our little fascists like it. Obviously, they also did not hesitate to put Giroud in opposition to Benzema because hey, a Franco-Algerian superstar, they like meh. Giroud’s family denounced this recovery by explaining “He’s not trying to be a standard-bearer, it’s against his beliefs but he can’t stop it. It is totally politically neutral. »

🇫🇷 Olivier Giroud, through his entourage, regrets being exploited by political representatives, particularly (very) to the right of the chessboard.

Posted by RMC Sport on Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Orelsan who saw his song The smell of gasoline recovered by Emmanuel Macron

Either the guy is stupid, or the guy is completely stupid but in all cases, he understood absolutely nothing about the lyrics of this song which is still a big criticism of our shitty society in which Orelsan says “If the President wins half of the votes, it’s because two-thirds of France didn’t want him. » And while listening to this, said president couldn’t think of anything better to say than “That’s well seen. He is still someone who portrays society like a sociologist. » Okay, but listen again anyway, there are nuances that you didn’t understand, I think.

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