When Marko Simic shows off in front of the new coach of Persija


Marko Simic celebrates after scoring a goal in the 2021 Menpora Cup quarter-final match against Barito Putera at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (10/4/2021).

BOLASPORT.COM – Persija Jakarta underwent an internal game at POR Sawangan on Saturday (26/6/2021).

This agenda is intended to find out how far the player’s progress is Persija.

At least that’s what the new coach says Persija, Angelo Alessio.

For information, before Angelo Alessio is known to have a request that Persija can hold a test match.

Since you haven’t found the right opponent, an internal game is an option.

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“This match is an important test for the team to see how far the progress of the training we have done,” said Angelo Alessio, reported by BolaSport.com from Persija’s official website.

In the internal game, the Persija squad was divided into two teams.

The first is the red team and the second is the white team.



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